Ridea: experts in anodised and CNC machined parts

Cycling is not only a mode of transportation, but also a lifestyle. Cyclists are always looking for ways to improve their bike and adapt it to their needs. And this is where Ridea comes in - a company focused on designing and manufacturing high-end bicycle components.

Ridea has its own department with engineers who work on the development of the components. This means that every part produced by Ridea has been carefully designed and tested to ensure the highest quality and performance.

But it's not just the design that sets Ridea apart from other bicycle component manufacturers. Ridea produces CNC-milled aluminum parts that are anodized in the typical Ridea colors. These machining processes ensure precision and quality in every part that is produced.

But why are Ridea's prices high? The answer is simple: quality and performance. Ridea focuses on producing high-end bicycle components that help cyclists improve and adapt their bicycles to their specific needs. These components are designed to perform at the highest level and are made from the highest quality materials.

The costs of developing and producing these high-end components are high, and these costs are passed on in the price of the parts. But this does not mean that Ridea's prices are not justified. On the contrary, the quality and performance of Ridea's parts are second to none.

Whether you are a professional cyclist looking for the best performance or an avid cyclist looking to upgrade their bike, Ridea has something to offer. Their range includes handlebars, cranks, seatposts, chainrings, Eazy wheels and much more. Each component is designed and manufactured with the highest quality and performance in mind.

If you are looking for high-end bicycle components that will take your cycling performance to the next level, Ridea is the right choice. The prices may be high, but the quality and performance are second to none. It's time to upgrade your bike with Ridea's high-end components and get the best out of your bike.

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