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FeatherWorx carbon five-spoke wheelset

FeatherWorx carbon five-spoke wheelset

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Carbon weave

The FeatherWorx carbon five-spoke wheelset is specially designed for the Brompton folding bikes and offers an excellent combination of style, performance and aerodynamics. With this wheelset on your Brompton folding bike you will find that you can ride faster and more efficiently, without compromising the comfort and maneuverability of your bike.

The five-spoke design of this wheelset is not only very stylish, but also offers optimal aerodynamics that minimize air resistance and increase your speed. The use of high-quality carbon materials ensures a lightweight construction that improves the handling and maneuverability of your Brompton folding bike.

The FeatherWorx carbon five-spoke wheelset has been carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Each wheel is individually tested and inspected to ensure it meets the strict requirements of both the manufacturer and rider.

With the FeatherWorx carbon five-spoke wheelset for Brompton folding bikes, you can rely on the best performance and quality available on the folding bike wheelset market. Whether you're an avid cyclist who covers long distances every day or a weekend rider who likes to take his bike on trips, this wheelset won't disappoint.

  • Brand: FeatherWorx
  • Model: S349HV4-WS(Wave)
  • Number of spokes front wheel: 5
  • Number of spokes rear wheel: 5
  • Finish: gloss or matte
  • Tire Size: 16''349 * 1-1/8 or 1-1/4
  • Body: 2-4 speed or 5-7 speed
  • Carbon weave: 3K/3KT/12K/12KT/18K/Marble/UD
  • Front wheel weight: 505 grams ± 30 grams
  • Rear wheel weight: 620 grams ± 30 grams
  • Front wheel installation size: 74 mm
  • Rear wheel installation size: 112 mm
  • bearings: EZO steel bearings or TPI Ceramic bearings (on request and at an additional cost of 70 euros)
  • Material: toray T700/T800
  • Maximum tire pressure: 8 bar
  • Hub: FeatherWorx
  • Brake: rim
  • Front wheel rim width: 23 mm
  • Rim width rear wheel: 23 mm
  • Front wheel rim height: 30 mm
  • Rim height rear wheel: 30 mm
  • Rim type: clincher

An 8-11 speed body is available on request, but this has an installation dimension of 130 mm for rim brakes or 135 mm for disc brakes. This does not fit in a standard Brompton rear frame as it has an installation size of 112 mm.

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