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FeatherWorx 40mm carbon sawtooth wheelset

FeatherWorx 40mm carbon sawtooth wheelset

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Carbon weave

The FeatherWorx carbon wheelset with sawtooth rim is the perfect upgrade for your Brompton folding bike. This wheelset is specially designed to provide extra aerodynamics and thus improve your cycling performance.

The carbon material of the wheelset makes the wheels lightweight and strong, which ensures optimal speed and control while cycling. The sawtooth rim contributes to the aerodynamics of the wheelset by reducing drag and increasing speed. This allows you to cycle with less effort and more comfort.

The FeatherWorx carbon wheelset is specially designed for Brompton folding bikes and fits perfectly on your bike. The wheelset is easy to install and offers a reliable performance that will enhance your cycling experience.

Whether you're looking for an upgrade for your daily commute or for a sporty challenge, the FeatherWorx carbon wheelset with sawtooth rim is the perfect choice. Enjoy a faster and more comfortable ride with this high-quality wheelset.

  • Brand: FeatherWorx
  • Model: S349HV4-WS(Wave)
  • Number of spokes front wheel: 20
  • Number of spokes rear wheel: 20
  • Finish: gloss or matte
  • Tire Size: 16''349 * 1-1/8 or 1-1/4
  • Body: 2-4 speed or 5-7 speed
  • Carbon weave: 3K/3KT/12K/12KT/18K/Marble/UD
  • Front wheel weight: 390 grams ± 30 grams
  • Rear wheel weight: 563 grams ± 30 grams
  • Front wheel installation size: 74 mm
  • Rear wheel installation size: 112 mm
  • Bearings: EZO steel bearings or TPI Ceramic bearings (on request and at an additional cost of 70 euros)
  • Material: toray T700/T800
  • Maximum tire pressure: 8 bar
  • Hub: Hubsmith 2-4 speed or FeatherWorx
  • Brake: rim
  • Front wheel rim width: 27 mm
  • Rim width rear wheel: 27 mm
  • Front Wheel Rim Height: 38mm/40mm
  • Rear Wheel Rim Height: 38mm/40mm
  • Rim type: clincher
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