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FeatherWorx carbon brake pads

FeatherWorx carbon brake pads

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Our carbon wheel brake pads are specially designed for Brompton folding bikes and offer excellent stopping power and durability. Made from high quality cork, these brake pads provide superior grip and stopping power in all weather conditions. In addition, they minimize the wear of your carbon wheels, which contributes to a longer life of your bike.

Our brake pads are easy to install and are a perfect fit for your Brompton folding bike. They are lightweight and have minimal impact on the overall weight of your bike, giving you a more comfortable and efficient ride. Thanks to the cork composition, they produce less noise during braking, giving you a quieter and more pleasant driving experience.

If you are looking for reliable brake pads that protect your carbon wheels and improve the performance of your Brompton folding bike, our cork brake pads are the perfect choice for you.

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