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Litepro QR Axis

Litepro QR Axis

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Titanium Litepro QR axles are the perfect upgrade for Brompton folding bike owners looking for a high quality, durable and lightweight replacement for their stock axles. Made of high-quality titanium, they also reduce the weight of the bike, making it easier to carry and maneuver during transport. With a simple and secure Quick Release mechanism, these QR axles are also easy to install and remove, making maintenance and repairs a breeze.

  • Manufacturer: Litepro
  • Model: BC1
  • Weight:
    • 74mm: 14 grams
    • 100mm: 16 grams
    • 130mm/135mm: 18 grams
  • Length:
    • 74mm: 109mm
    • 100mm: 140mm
    • 130mm/135mm: 174mm
  • Material: aluminum and titanium
  • Mounting: Allen
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