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Ridea BCT2 chain tensioner

Ridea BCT2 chain tensioner

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Introducing the Ridea chain tensioner for Brompton folding bikes - the ultimate choice for cycling enthusiasts who demand only the best. Made with the highest quality materials and designed for world class performance, this chain tensioner is a top quality upgrade for any Brompton folding bike.

With its precise and reliable tension control, the Ridea chain tensioner ensures a smoother and more efficient ride. The innovative design minimizes wear on the chain and reduces the risk of breakage, while at the same time ensuring consistent chain tension - no matter what conditions you're riding in.

The Ridea chain tensioner is a high-end product built to last and offers unparalleled performance. If you are looking for a top quality chain tensioner that fits perfectly with your Brompton folding bike, the Ridea chain tensioner is the perfect choice. Invest in the best quality for your bike and enjoy a smooth, efficient and reliable riding experience.

Ridea BCT2 is the ultimate Brompton chain tensioner. This CNC alloy chain tensioner is compatible with 1, 2 or 4 rear sprockets and offers smooth speed changes in just 116 grams.

While BCT2 is compatible with genuine Brompton pulleys, Ridea offers the high quality BCT2P (48g) pulley wheels (sold separately) for those wanting to ride the legendary smooth Ridea pulleys.

A chain pusher is also available (sold separately) to complete a full package for your Brompton.

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