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Ridea EEWB1 Eazy Wheel extender

Ridea EEWB1 Eazy Wheel extender

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The Ridea Eazy wheel extender is the pinnacle of high end and top quality for Brompton folding bikes. With this extender, your bicycle is more stable than ever before when it is folded. Made from top quality durable materials, the Ridea Eazy wheel extender will provide long lasting stability and reliability. The extender is easy to install and use and provides extra comfort and safety when carrying and storing your Brompton folding bike. Invest in the Ridea Eazy wheel extender for the ultimate experience with your Brompton folding bike.

Eazy wheels help you move your Brompton while it's folded. The small diameter of the EW1 and EW3 models is perfect for those who only need to move the bike short distances, while the large diameter EW2 wheels are ideal for longer distances through rougher terrain. The extendable (140 to a maximum of 210 mm) bracket EEWB1 offers extra stability with a classic design.

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